Gathered Sounds

A cinematic soundtrack? An impelling groove? A lyrical intermezzo? A relaxing motif? A demanding passage? The outcome of this musical experiment is a multifaceted recording with some surprising moments.
I was just around 17 years old when I first came up with the idea of forming a symbiosis of a jazz trio (the PhilippGraewertTrio) and a string quartet in 2013. So there was plenty of new terrain I proceeded to—the arrangements, the organisational matters and so much more. But after one year of preparations – besides attending school –, all obstacles have been left behind, thanks to the great ensemble I was lucky to collect. On May 4, 2014 we played a magical show in Bochum which fortunately has been captured audio- and video-wise.


Anna-Lotta Merfeld – violin
Målin Dönig – violin
Peter Coenen – viola
Felix Albert – cello
Ruben Philipp – piano
Leon Philipp – bass
Timon Graewert – drums


Gathered Sounds (2015)

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